Chakras, Sefirot, and Chinese thought

Vladimir Sazonov
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10 sefirot

It is informative to compare different traditions by "energy centers", that have physiological and anatomical background.  Physiologically the Man is always the same - in China and in Africa, and all the ideas of similarity of the Universe and the Man must repeat the energy structure of the Man !

Regarding the sefirot and chakras, the basic four are obvious and do not require discussion.

Sahasrara (above head) =======     Keter

Ahanhata (heart) ========          Tiferet

Swadhisthana (genitals) =====      Yesod

Muladhara (base of spine) ====     Malkhut

To these it is possible to add

Ajna (brow) ==========   Hokmah

Vishuddha (throat) ======  Binah

or (an alternative view)

Ajna (brow) ==========      Binah-----|----Hokmah

Vishuddha (throat) ======           Daat

Binah is the separation between "The highest" and "the lowest", and is divided in two parts by parsa, (barrier) so, it seems to be the throat.



Manipura (navel) ========            x


microcosmic orbit Why ?  Well, here we use the Chinese point of view, which also employs energy centers that can be interpreted as chakras.  It also has the eight "Extra-channels" correspond to 8 trigrams and to perform the back middle line, forward middle line, and some energy connections (for example from the foot to the head).  I do not have the place here to explain the theory of 8 extra-channels (I refer to the books of Acupuncture), but they are also real and can be measured, and used in medical treatment.  The "Control" from 8 channels is 8 corresponding points at the foot and the hand.  All 8 channels are connected in the navel. So, the navel is the center of "extraordinary energy", that circulated via the middle lines, and has representation on 4 extremities.  The "Large orbit" known also from Qi-Gong (Chinese equivelant to the Indian pranayama) involves 8 such channnels, and its training means also the energy circulation from the navel to 4 extremities.

Such a "side structure" of the body can be represented by 4 additional energy centers, connected with the navel.  So, the Navel center corresponds to 4 sefirot of different qualities.

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