165, Gematria and Astrological Factors


Speculations on the gematria of the number 165, Sabbatai Zevi and the "messianic cycle", and related topics (collated from the Donmeh mail list, and rearranged slightly)

"The numerical value of the full [Hebrew] spelling of the divine name Shadday (Shin, Daleth, Yod) is 814 which also happens to be the numerical value of the [Hebrew] name Sabbatai Sevi."
-- Gershom Scholem, Scholem G. Sabbatai Zevi. The Mystical Messiah (p.234)

165 and the Messianic Cycle

from: Evgueni Tortchinov

I would like to inform you about one strange (and curious) numerological circumstance related to the dates of the Messianic figures in the history of Judaism:

1. The Teacher of Righteousness of Qumran. My collegue and friend professor Igor Tantlevsky who is an expert in the Qumran (Dead Sea scrolls) studies and who has written a special research book on this subject supposed that the teacher of Righteousness was crucified in Jerusalem as a false messiah (his followers called him Son of God as well) in 138/137 B.C.E.

2. Jesus was crucified in about 165 years after the death of this Qumranic teacher (now most of the scholars suppose that Jesus was born in 7 B.C.E. and was killed in 26-28 C.E.).

3. Sabbatai Zevi died (1676) in 1650 years (ten times 165)  after Jesus's death (if it took place in 26 C.E.).

4. Yaakov Leib Frank died in 165 years (1791) after Sabbatai Zevi's birth (1626).

One astrologer informed me that 165 is a period of rotation of Neptunus which governs over this aeon of Capricorn (I myself do not believe in astrology but this information is curious enough).  And Prof. Tanlevskiy thinks that Teacher of Righteousness of Qumran as well as Jesus related themselves to the figure of Biblical Melchizedek who was a cohain (priest) of El Elyon (the Highest God) out of the established tradition (which was later founded by Aharon). He (Tanlevsky) even thinks that they could treat themselves as Melchizedec's incarnations.  I have no any serious opinion about this numerology but it is rather interesting, I suppose.

words that occur in the Torah that equal to 165 (gematria)

from: Yankif Leib

I have, somewhere in my library, a wonderful book called Spice of Torah:Gematria which I cannot for the life of me find. It lists all the words of TENACH by the sum of their Hebrew letters. It would be fascinating to see which Hebrew words share the value 165.

from: Harris Lenowitz

ha-'etz=the tree, wood
Na'amah (name)
nafla=she fell
me-'ameha=from her people
u-fig'u=and entreat (imtv)
ha-kesef=the silver, money
Efah (name)
qlalah=a curse
liqhal=to be a congregation or company
na'emah=pleasant (f)
ha-'amim=the peoples
yenaqeh=he will find [him, etc] innocent
'aleihen=upon, about, them (f)
be'etzba'=with a finger
ha-ksilim=the loins; the fools
yeqaneh=he will buy
hinaqi=cleanse, free, yourself (f)
ha-yoneq=the suckling (m)
ha-sel'ah=the rock, cliff
ha-ma'alkha=the one who brings you (m) up
ha-naqi=the clean, innocent, one
ha-nofel=the one who falls
lehatzil=to save, rescue
me'onah=dwelling place

These are from the Spice book you mentioned.  The list is limited to words that occur in the Torah. The only one that occurs twice on the list is ha-kesef (the money, silver). I've just added a few terms so you don't, God forbid, go getting malkhut mixed up with yesod.

from: Evgueni Tortchinov

Here I would suggest you one additional remark:.  The gematria of the Hebrew word "silver" (with the definite article) is equal to 165 (ha-kesef). G. Scholem tells about symbolism of silver:
"Silver, which is white, is a kabbalistic symbol for mercy (the sefirah Hesed); gold, which is red, symbolises judgement and the sefirah Geburah"
(Scholem G. Sabbatai Zevi. The Mystical Messiah. Bollingen Series. Vol. 93. Princeton University Press, 1973. P. 273, n. 216).

Astrological factors

from: Vladimir Sazonov

The rhythm of Neptune means "collective unconscious", connected also with faith, and illusions and  fraud.  It is remarkable, but nothing strange to find such rhythm. So, such point of Neptunes orbit force defined events in Jewish history.

Some examples from Russian (Soviet) history, well known by astrologers:

Death of Tsar Alexander III - 1895 Nov
Death of Lenin                  - 1924 Jan
Death of Stalin                  - 1953 Mar
Death of Brezhnev             - 1982 Nov

Here you see the 29-year rhythm of Saturn. Sensible point - 27œ Libra

As extrapolation can be supposed "Death of ????? (prognose) - 2011-2012"

Aspects of this rhythm goes earlier upto first Knyaz's of Russia, you see the sensible point of Saturn orbit all the Russian history.

from: Yankif Leib

Such "rhythms" as Vladimir points out below are extremely important. For example: if you count 50 Hebrew letters from the the first YOD of Berashit ("Genesis") you fall on a HEH; count 50 letters from that HEH and you fall on a VAUV; and 50 from that VAUV and you fall on another YOD. Thus, a 50-letter skip (the number of days between Easter and Pentacost) spells out YHVH, the Shem HaMeforash, or Ineffable Name of God. The same thing happens, in slightly different ways, in each of the next four Books of the Torah.

from: Evgueni Tortchinov:

Prof. G. Scholem wrote in his book "Sabbatai Sevi. The Mystical Messiah":
"The redemption of Israel -- which appears to have occupied him (Sabbatai Zevi) that time -- would take place under the sign of Pisces. The idea can be found in early Jewish tradition..." (p. 161).
In one of my previous letters I have discussed the numerological and "messianic" meaning of the number 165 related to the period of rotation of the planet of Neptune. Does anybody knows about the astrological connection between Pisces and Neptune? Does it exist?

from: M.Alan Kazlev

In popular Western astrology, which seems to be based on the so-called "humanistic" school of Dane Rudhyar, Neptune is the ruling planet of the sign of Pisces.  I realise this is not a specifically Jewish or Kabbalistic connection, but I felt it might be of interest anyway.

(note: the traditional (medieval) association of Pisces is with the benefic Jupiter.  As for the rest of the zodiac, Uranus replaces Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius, and Pluto Mars as the ruler of Scorpio.  All the other signs retain their traditional medieval ruling planets)

from: Vladimir Sazonov

Reference can also be made to the interpretation of Abessalom Podvodny (Alexandr Kamensky) "Kabbalistic astrology" (in Russian).  It is not very close to Jewish Kabbala, but still contains useful information.
Pisces - it is a channel to rise up from the Body of Bodhi to the Body of Atman. It can be understood as "Seeking the G-d","Appealing to the G-d", "Asking the G-d", "Praying to the G-d".
It is the highest channel, climbing going up.
The next channel (Aries) is "the responce" of the G-d, down from the Atman Body to the Boddhi body. It means "Listening to the G-d","Listening to the inner voice", and then  "Understanding the targets of the life, ruling ideas, destinations...".
Then Taurus - goes down from the Body of Boddhi to the Casual Body . It means "Using the highest targets - do events"....
Pisces is ruled by Jupiter (if Neptune is not used), and by Neptune if 10 planets (and not 7) are used.

D. Ruddhyar, A.Podvodny, A. Witte are representing the "Neptunian" type of astrology (that is more common to chinese way of thinking) - only via the full classification system, looking at the whole object and not to its separate parts. So, if I say "Pisces", I must the meaning of all 12 signs. Mostly astrologers use Uranian way of thinking (the rhytm of Uranus is 84 years) - to find some personal way to the "informational space" and try to promote a personal view. Neptunian way appeals more to psychology and to the collective unconscioness


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