Problems in Establishing a Spiritual Society

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When the communist idea was established in Russia, the most of high spiritually advanced people of former Russia enjoyed it. The new soviet culture seemed to be a cooperation of multiple spiritual (and esoteric) traditions after the monopoly of Orthodox Church.  Similarily, at the start of communist China the idea "Let 100 flowers to flower" was dominant.

Unfortunately, the States with authority of very deep spiritual teachings are never the Paradise.  We see at present maybe the poorest country in the world  (Burma) has maybe the most tender culture and very fine Theravada religion.  Most of the people daily meditate to develop wisdom.  Yet at the same time there is a very cruel military goverment.  All the universities have been closed since the late 80s, there is a permanent civil war, and economic boycotts.

The Burmese addressed mostly the spiritual dimension and first seek to change themselves !  One can find more history examples in the history of societies constructed using the human idea. There are many examples of successful realisation of "ideal societies" and "ideal cities", where the original idea was fulfilled!  The spiritual development of one person can be very high, but if you look at the spiritual group, it is very difficult to keep the level of all the group as an unit, and to do it some hierarchy (as "Guru"-"Chela" ) should be made, that partially suppress individial creativity for the benefit of the group.  But when one considers a much larger group such as a country or a nation, it is very much more difficult to coordinate all the people and make the high developed spiritual unit.  Most attemps to do so lead to cruel dictatorship appealing to the collective unconscious of the nation. See the comments of C.G.Jung on the personality of Hitler.

Maybe the best countries to live in are those countries where the goverment does not take so much care of the common spirituality and simply allow the concurrence (or cooperation) of different religions and spiritual schools.   The function of the goverment is then mostly to control the civil life and laws.

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