Dr. Vladimir Sazonov

Badensche Str. 32, 10715 Berlin, Germany

Tel. (49/30)86409695 Fax. (49/30)86409696


E-Mail vladimir@snafu.de



Interested in development (as programmer and/or team leader) of large software systems using advanced mathematical methods and artificial intelligence. Long term contracting or consulting preferred, direct employment considered.
Summary Experienced software developer and team leader. Led projects in banking, GIS, OCR, computer education , cartography, survey, continuum mechanics and other systems. Background in mathematics.
Technical Mathematical Modelling, Data Models, Web Design, C++/C#, Java, J2EE, Java Script, HTML, ASP, CGI,  Perl, SQL, .NET, Database, MSSQL Server, Image Recognition, Neural Networks, Data Compression, Pixel Image Processing, Continuum Mechanics (Solids, Fluids), CAD, GIS, Survey, Mathematical Equations,. Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP  as well as numerous other languages and environments.
Jan 2004- Navtech (Navigation Technologies), Sulzbach-Taunus, consultant/contractor  for projects in Real Time Mapping. Development and planing of mapping data solutions: data structures for traffic and map display , data transformation, seamless continental database.
June 2002-
Jan 2004
Global Transaction Ltd, Dublin/Berlin, consultant/contractor for several projects in Information Extraction, Natural Language Understanding. Development of technology and critical software libraries.
  • Annotation Engine (extraction of structural information from texts in natural language, web-pages and e-mails)
  • Fuzzy DB Lookup (lookup in huge databases with not-exact matching using indexes: products like “Bank Money Order correction after Fax and OCR”, “OFAC control for name variation” etc…)
  • Data Cleansing(lookup for similar records in the large database, cleansing and correction)
  • Internet utilities (Crawling, HTML-Text conversion, Information Extraction using the Annotation Engine)
Apr. 2001-May 2002 Semantic Edge, Berlin, Germany, Senior researcher & developer . Development of software technical concepts, software prototypes and principal software modules.
  • Concept Catalogue as a join of Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Manager modules
  • Training environment for modules of Artificial Intelligence
  • Voice Dialog systems
2000-2001 InGene GmbH, Berlin, Germany, Scientist . Development of mathematical and software technical concepts, software prototypes and principal software modules.
  • Syndrome Database for researches in genetics - the technical concept
  • Master-Frontend - software for clinical data gathering for the Syndrome Database
1999- 2000 BPI Banking Partners Software, Berlin, Germany, Senior researcher & developer . Development of software technical concepts, software prototypes and principal software modules.
  • Risk management software for banking. Neural networks, Fuzzy Logics. C++, Windows NT/ Java / Oracle / Microsoft SQL Server
  • Banking software implementation in Banco De Oro, Manila, Philippines
1995-1999 CARDY GmbH (Map information systems), Moenchengladbach/Berlin, Germany, Team leader / Software developer / Scientific advisor.
  • CARDY - the map information system. Includes : Map Editor, Page Control, Data Base Management, GPS Connection, Map Browser, Information Retrieval, Route Planning, CARGO Park control, Traffic Jam control, Development Tools. 1992-1999. Developed a data model and a software prototype, organized digitizing of all roads in Germany from the maps 1:100000, 1:25000, data control utilities, low level libraries, application modules.... Windows 95/98, Windows NT, C++
  • The project G Data “Power Route” was on the top-list (up to the 3 place) of non-game CD-s sold in Germany in 1998 in GfK statistics.
1991-1995 EDV Buero Wenninger (Survey and mapping systems and software), Munich/Berlin, Germany), Team leader / Software developer.

Recruited, trained and directed the development team.

SCANY (CADdy VTV) - the vectorizing system (Raster-Vector conversion). Includes: Raster Editor, Vector Editor, Line Recognition, Line Tracing, Symbol Recognition, Contour Recognition; Text Recognition, Map Calibration. Tools : Neural Network, Training System, AutoCAD, CADdy. 1991-1994, MS-DOS, C++

  • CADdy Survey , Engineering software (1994-95). Library of mathematical calculations. MS-DOS / Windows, C++
1987-1990 Institute of Contents and Methods of Education. Dep. of Informatics. Moscow, Russia.
  • Software for schools (computer education).

Senior scientist, Software team leader.

1981-1987 Machine Tool Research and Production Association (ENIMS). CAD Department, Moscow, Russia.
  • FEM software for machine tools

Senior scientist, Software team leader.

1978-1981 Institute of Machines and Tools, CAD Chair, Moscow, Russia.
  • FEM software for machine tools

Programmer / Mathematician.

1983-1986 Ph. D. in Mathematics and Physics from the Moscow Institute of Computer Machinery.
Ph.D. Thesis: Automation of Research in Contact Problems of Elasticity Theory.
Ph.D. degree recognized in Germany as Dr. rerum naturalum, 1991
1972-1978 Master Degree in Applied Mathematics (cum laude)from the Moscow Institute of Computer Machinery. Courses in Computer Science, Software development, Mathematics, Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics 1972-1978. Thesis: Analysis of Singularities in Problems of Elasticity Theory.
Languages English, German, Russian;
Japanese (reading and translation)
Other projects
  • Calendar of Chinese Acupuncture Points. Reconstruction of calculation methods from ancient Chinese Books. MS-DOS, C, 1990
  • Go Player. Artificial Intelligence program for the game of GO. MS-DOS, C, 1990
  • Diagnostic and Treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (to assist physicians). Atari. Basic/Pascal/Assembler 1989-1990
  • Informatics. A complex package of education programs and games for secondary schools. Yamaha / Apple, C/Assembler/Basic, 1988-1990
  • Map information system for schools. Yamaha /MSC-DOS, C/Assembler. (Third prize in the National Competition for the Best Computer Program, The Education Ministry of the USSR, ASCII Co. Japan) 1988-1989
  • Finite Element Software System for contact problems : plane, axial symmetry, 3D, dynamic. (USER interface for CAD, problem description language, mesh generator, solution of non-linear equations with thousands of variables, rigidity and stiffness presentation), PDP-11, FORTRAN,/Assembler, 1978-1987
General interests languages, chess, adventure travel